The Race of Champions, founded in 1998 by Ford Wilson, and carrying on his legacy by becoming the Ford Wilson Race of Champions in 2010, is staffed and run entirely by volunteers, and paid for entirely by donations and sponsorships, in order to proved a free and inclusive experience for all of our Race Champions and their Families!

The Race of Champions uses a fleet of six custom created dual-rider soap box derby cars to pair professional drivers with our Racing Champions. In order to maintain this fleet, and provide the best possible experience to all of our Racers and their families, we rely on the generosity of our sponsors. To learn more about them, or for information on becoming one, click below!


The Race of Champions was created in 2010 in memory of Ford Wilson and his unwavering desire to provide all children, regardless of disposition, the ability to be a racing champion! The Ford Wilson Race of Champions is hosted specifically to partner children with different needs with professional race car drivers to navigate and enjoy one of the finest soap box derby hills in the United States
Ford Wilson Race of Champions